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Listen to background sounds that help to mask annoying noises, boost your focus, and enhance your sleep

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Work, Sleep, Relax

Soundy supercharges your days and nights

Unlimited play

Sounds are played indefinitely so you don't waste your time replaying it

20+ sounds

Listen to 22 high-quality sounds that reproduce different ambiances

Control your time

Plan simply your sessions of sleep, work, or meditation with a timer

Perfect environment

Background sounds will help you mask external noise, reduce stress, and relax

Immersive sound

We provide high-quality and deep sound that will help you get into your bubble

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Timer up to 100 h

Listen to 22 sounds

Lifetime access

Unlimited play

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Timer up to 1 h

Listen to 3 sounds

Unlimited play



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Can I get a refund?

No, because you can use the free version as a trial and if you want more sounds you can purchase premium access.

Is VAT included?

Yes, the price you see includes VAT.

Can I use premium access on multiple devices?

As long as you are using a premium account you can play premium sounds on any device you like.

Can I download sounds?

You can, but if you do, you will not have access to other features.

Do I need to create an account?

If you want to purchase premium access you have to, but the free version doesn't force it.