Rain on window - Jose Fontano - Unsplash

Rain on window

Listen to heavy rain hitting your window

Ocean aerial view - Matt Howard - Unsplash


Listen to the powerful sea throwing waves on a beautiful beach

Galaxy - Andy Holmes - Unsplash

White noise

Listen to a mix of sound frequencies that will help you focus or sleep

Campfire - James Owen - UnsplashPremium


Listen to a nice hot campfire in the middle of nowhere

Forest - Thomas Griesbeck - UnsplashPremium

Rain in the Forest

Sink in the forest ambiance and listen to birds, animals, and wind hitting trees

Office - Shridhar Gupta - UnsplashPremium


Do you feel alone? Get the ambiance of a noisy office

Campfire - Timon Wanner - UnsplashPremium

Campfire in rain

Feel the campfire heat in cold heavy rain

Plane - Bhavik Dalal - UnsplashPremium


You are flying first class at night to your dream destination

Seoul - Alexiaa Sim - UnsplashPremium

Rain Seoul

Take a little walk on a rainy day in Seoul city, South Korea

New york - Luis Salazar - UnsplashPremium

A crowded city at night

Listen to New York city at night from your apartment

Tokyo - Alex Knight - UnsplashPremium

Futuristic city sound

You are now in 2050, spaceships are everywhere

Meadow - UnsplashPremium

Sunny meadow

Lie down in a sunny meadow, listen to nature sounds

Savana -David Clode - UnsplashPremium


Take a trip to an African national park, explore the savanna

Cave - Jack Robinson - UnsplashPremium

Bonfire in a cave

Step back from the modern world, start a bonfire in a cave and relax

Shibuya - Jezael Melgoza - UnsplashPremium

Shibuya crossing walk

Explore the famous Shibuya crossing, Tokyo, Japan

Car - Jack B - UnsplashPremium

Car ride

Want to go somewhere? Just take a car ride

Subway - Patrick Robert Doyle - UnsplashPremium


Take the noisy New York subway but without the stress

Train - Drew Saurus - UnsplashPremium

Train in blizzard

Travel in Alaska by night in an oldish luxury train

Plane - Oskar Kadaksoo - UnsplashPremium

Airport terminal

Vacation is almost here, listen to the noisy airport terminal

Waterfall - @riverse - UnsplashPremium


Listen to a 30 feet height natural waterfall surrounded by the jungle

Coffee shop - Ruben Ramirez - UnsplashPremium

Busy coffee shop

Listen to a busy coffee shop right in the middle of a crowded city

Japanese-style garden - Ashley Hajimirsadeghi - UnsplashPremium

Water bamboo fountain

Listen to a zen bamboo fountain mixed with rain